The Fish Skales
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About The Fish Skales
The Fish Skales is an informal group of musicians and friends who gather every few weeks to play together. We first played together in January, 2009 and while some musicians come and go, many others have remained in the group since then. 

The founder and leader of the Fish Skales, Randy Fishman, is a scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and also hosts the jazz radio show, "Last Set at Birdland," on WUOT, the local NPR station in Knoxville, TN

About half of our members work at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. We have recently started performing in public with our appearance at the Fall Festival at ORNL with guest tenor saxophonist Jerry Coker! A video of some of that performance can be found on this website.

We play tunes out of the Hal Leonard Real Books, except when our vocalists insist on a change of key.
Some of the tunes we play are Song for My Father, Take the A Train, Misty, Quiet Nights, Wave, Stella by Starlight, You Don't Know What Love Is, Blue Bossa, and Watermelon Man.

Jams occur on Sundays at 1:30 PM in Knoxville. For information about future jams and gigs, contact Randy Fishman at